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Who We Are

Since 2014, the Westerham shop has been owned and run by Richard Hards and his family; however it was first opened in 1985 by our family friend Laurence Larratt.

In 2020 Richard then acquired the Chapel Place Tunbridge Wells shop, and has very much enjoyed serving the local community in his home town; as well as in Westerham (and the local areas).  

Working for over 15 years as a qualified chef, including running his own fine dine restaurant; Richard then spent a full year working alongside Laurence to perfect his butchery skills before taking over Larratt & Co.  As a former chef, Richard appreciates fine food, and is dedicated to providing a range of the best possible quality meat and produce, enabling him to provide his customers with the best in taste, service and experience.  Larratt & Co offers a wide range of mouth-watering traditional produce which is sourced from around the UK, as well as a tempting selection of sausages, burgers and oven-ready meals, which are all made on the premises.  

Richard or a member of his team are also always on hand to offer advice and tips on recipes or cooking techniques.

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Richard with his son Arthur

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Jack, Robbie, Richard & Paige

outside the Tunbridge Wells

shop in Chapel Place.

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