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Get your Christmas order in ASAP to avoid any disappointment!

Please see below advice regarding ordering your turkey; as well as details and prices of other popular Christmas meat options. 

Please do ask any questions by calling us 01892 616668 or emailing - we are always happy to help with advice & recommendations.  

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Turkey ordering advice

Ordering your turkey - quantities etc.

A guide to the number of people your whole turkey will serve is below, ensuring you have plenty on Christmas Day and enough to use in sandwiches/curries the following days:

5kg          6-8 people

6kg          8-10 people

7kg         10-12 people

8kg         12-16 people

9kg         18-22 people

Difference between White & Bronze Turkeys -  The classic White-feathered turkeys have become a Christmas favourite.  Succulent, tasty and great for those who love healthy breast meat while its generous thighs and wings cater for those at the table who prefer darker meat.  White Turkeys have a more subtle flavour comapred to the Bronze turkeys, yet still delicious.

The Bronze turkey is more closely related to the wild turkey in both appearance and taste.  The popularity of the bronze turkey has risen dramatically in the last few years; with many people enjoying their richer, gamier taste.

Cooking Tips - make sure your turkey is taken out of the fridge at least an hour before putting it in the oven.  We recommend that you do not stuff your turkey, the turkey will cook more evenly this way.  We recommend filling the cavity loosely with aromatic vegetables (carrot, celery).  Coat your turkey with vegetable oil/olive oil/butter and season heavily.  You could also cover with bacon.  Always rest your turkey for at least 25 minutes.




Both White and Bronze turkeys are genuine free range.  Our local family farm in tenterden believe in traditional farming techniques of slow growing turkeys to gain maximum flavour.  All turkeys are fed on a natural cereal based diet; free from antibiotics and growth promoters.

White Turkeys

£90 for 4kg

£99 for 5kg

£108 for 6kg

£114 for 7kg

£119 for 8kg

£125 for 9kg

£130 for 10kg

£135 for 11kg

£140 for 12kg

Bronze Turkeys

£99 for 4kg 

£109 for 5kg

£118 for 6kg

£124 for 7kg

£130 for 8kg

£135 for 9kg

£140 for 10kg

£145 for 11kg

£150 for 12kg

£18.99/KG for Royal Turkey Crown (boneless)

Please ask if you would like it wrapped in bacon and/or stuffed with sage and onion.


Other Popular Christmas Meat

Gressingham Goose

Small              4.5-5kg

Medium          5-6kg

Large              6-7kg


Gressingham Duck

Approx 2.5kg each


Large Chickens (Capon)

Approx 4kg each


Fillet of Beef

Very tender, a gourmet roast.  Perfect for a special occasion.


Rolled Sirloin

One of the finest, most flavourful cuts of meat.  Wonderful British roast with rich flavour and tender.


Rib of Beef

Classic roasting dish, full of flavour.



Smoked or Unsmoked​ Gammon Joints - boned and rolled.

£13.50/KG Smoked

£12.50/KG Unsmoked

Homemade Sausages (please ask for current flavours) / Cumberland Chipolatas / Cumberland Pigs in Blankets

All our sausages are handmade in the shops, using natural casings and only the best prime pork cuts.  

FYI: You would receive approx 20 pigs in blanket per KG.

£12.50/KG Sausages

£13.50/KG Chipolatas

Cumberland Sausage meat

Makes the tastiest sausage rolls


Christmas Vegetables & extras

We can provide the ingredients for your full Christmas dinner. 

Vegetables including (but not limited to):


Brussel Sprouts





Green vegetables


Stuffing options (Sage & Onion, Roasted Chestnut)

Goose Fat

Cranberry Sauce

Various other sauces & condiments so please do ask.

Please see our Meat page for all other options, or contact us if you have any questions.

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